The new attachment sleeper changer ASW is a multifunction  device  for  filling  and  removal  of  ballasting  as  well  as replacement of single sleepers and several successive sleepers.  The unit is attached to a railroad excavator or to a track machine also supplying the hydraulic power required.
Hydraulically operated sleeper tongs as well as a rotating drive with endless turning range allow for safe and careful removing and laying of concrete sleepers B55/58 and B70, wooden sleepers as well as concrete blocks and steel t-bars.

Operational advantages of Sleeper Changer ASW:

  • Machine-guided replacement of sleepers as well as filling and removing of ballast in the track allows for fast and simple operations; more humane working conditions.
  • High degree of rationalization and consequently considerable cost savings in preparing and carrying out works on construction sites.
  • Extending the operating time of the railroad excavators existing on the construction sites.
  • The  attachment  sleeper  changer  ASW  is  equipped  with  three  shovel  segments  provided  for  taking  up  the  ballast  under  the  track  grate.  The shovel segments  can  be  dismantled for changing of single sleepers.
Download Technical Data Sleeper Exchanger