The mulcher is used for cutting and reducing of grass and brush. A movable flap at the cutting edge is used to monitor the mulching action when working at brush.

Flails of high-grade steel yield long service lives, and as such, the mulcher requires only little service and maintenance.

The endless rotator allows to process even most complex geometries at the track sides.

Operational advantages of the Mulcher:

  • Reduces costs of manual labor by moving  down grass and weeds to a fraction
  • A flap at the front end of the equipment can be adjusted for optimum mulching of shrubs
    and branches
  • The fully rotating drive module caters for most complex geometries along the track side
  • The use of the Mulcher does not require any changes or modifications to the excavator’s hydraulic system
    Cutting  flails  made  of high quality  steel and built for heavy-duty cutting grant an extended service life with a minimum of maintenance
  • Quick  hydraulic  couplers  and  the  use  of a quick-attach mounting system facilitate and expedite   the use of the Mulcher with a crane or excavator
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